Compressed Natural Gas Transport System
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Update on the prototype production of the pressure cylinder

In the September issue of the GASVESSEL newsletter you could read about the first successful hydroforming test of the first liner, the core of the pressure cylinder. Based on the results of related tests, a second liner was constructed. Read more about this and other news of the prototype production line for the pressure cylinder.

Hydroforming process and test of the liner

After the hydroforming test of the first liner, the results of the related mechanical tests and the metallographic tests highlighted the need for further investigation into the working process of the ogive caps in order to control the stress suffered during the hydroforming. This analysis led to a new configuration of the hydroforming liner, which will be available for another hydroforming test by the end of February.

hydroforming process

Pilot line progress

An important next step in the construction of the pilot line is the assembly of the winding machine. The steel structural work of the foundations on which to fix the rails and racks for the movement of the machine and the castles with the mandrels to support the ends of the liner is progressing well (see Figure). In order to distribute the carbon wires around the liner, the winding machine will be fitted with a gearmotor to rotate the liner.


After assembly of the electrical components for power and control of the winding machine, the plant will be commissioned early March 2019. This is an important step for the prototype production and allows the winding of the second liner with composite material after the hydroforming.


Rendering of winding machine and curring plant

The other components of the prototyping line are a curring plant and autofrettage, fatigue and burst test plants. Assembly of these plants is progressing well. For the autofrettage pressure tests and the cyclic fatigue test pump, the hydraulic package and the high-pressure pumps have already been developed. These systems will be tested and available by April 2019 for further tests on the pressure cylinders.


Autofrettage and fatigue test pumps package in assembling phase.

The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 723030.