Compressed Natural Gas Transport System
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CAE Conference

34th International CAE Conference and Exhibition

8-9 October 2018

Vicenza, Italy

The topic of the 34th International CAE Conference and Exhibition is “Evolving Engineering Simulation: The Age of the Digital Twin”.

Engineering simulation has an important role to play as the world intently begins embracing the Industry 4.0 evolution. Not only can simulation assist strategically with the entire product design process and the related manufacturing and production processes, but it can also drill right down into the operations level, following the product throughout its entire useful life.

One of simulation’s biggest contributions is to the growing trend of using digital twins in product engineering. A digital twin is a virtual model (often actually a meta-model) that accurately replicates a physical asset, service or process and allows it to be manipulated to explore the impacts and effects of different variables and dynamics.


GASVESSEL at the CAE Conference

GASVESSEL partner ESTECO will present their contribution to the project at the conference in a talk and at a stand in the exhibition. They will talk about the design platform modeFRONTIER, which is used to optimize the delivery of gas from the identified source locations to the target markets in different scenarios and geographical areas.

ESTECO will present on 9 October at 11:20 in the Oil & Gas session.


For more information on the conference, visit the official website

The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 723030.