Compressed Natural Gas Transport System
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Experimental line construction completed in May

The most significant event held at the end of May – experimental line contruction has been completed and certified by the Navalprogetti coordinator and by CNGV in the assessment conducted on May 29th.The HW-SW set-up of the various systems is now underway, in particular the more complex plant – the Winding Machine.

The work has continued all thoughout June and will continue in July with preliminary experimental tests related to the functionality of all the plants: winding, curring, autofrettage and fatigue tests.

Hydroforming and testing of the 3rd liner

In total 6 liners were ordered of which 2 have been already hydroformed, the third liner arrived on June 21st and is being hydroformed this week (the last week of June). The last 3 liners are to arrive at the end of August 2019. Currently new hydroforming test are being performed in order to confirm the other three liners with the final dimensions of the cylindrical body.

The entire experimental sequence will be carried out for the construction of the first three cylinders coated with the resin in the winding machine and on which all the required tests with the curring plants, autofrettage, fatigue and burst test will be performed by CNGV with the assistance of BMP.

The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 723030.