Compressed Natural Gas Transport System
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GASVESSEL newsletter issue 6




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A GASVESSEL workshop on VOLTA and modeFRONTIER

The 34th International CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) Conference, held in Vicenza (Italy) 8-9 October 2018, has represented one of the principal annual events in Simulation Based Engineering and Sciences, gathering all the most important international stakeholders from academia and industry to research and software vendors. In this framework, the GASVESSEL partners ESTECO and PNO have organised the first GASVESSEL themed Workshop, focusing on the implementation and validation of the tools developed by ESTECO: the Decision Support tool VOLTA and the Design Optimisation Platform modeFRONTIER.


An update on the GASVESSEL ship design

GASVESSEL partner Navalprogetti is developing the optimal, most efficient design of the ship that transports the innovative pressure cylinders in cooperation with the Krylov State Research Centre in Sank Petersburg. The research activity regarding the hydrodynamic effects has lately been extended with the improvement of the ship form. These improvements optimized the friction resistance as well as the residual resistance.


GASVESSEL’s gas loading and unloading system

An important feature of the GASVESSEL is the system to load and discharge gas from the vessel. Different technical concept designs are developed under the supervision of GASVESSEL partner VTG, describing in general terms the gas loading and unloading systems in three regions: the Barents Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea. Gas loading will take place at offshore loading terminals in the Barents and Mediterranean Seas and at a nearshore terminal in the Black Sea. Unloading systems in the Barents Sea will make use of the existing underwater gas pipeline Polarled and will be carried out near the Aasta Hansteen offshore platform. In the Mediterranean and the Balck Sea the gas will be unloaded to nearshore gas terminals. To decide on the technically and economically most efficient system, the main indicators of CAPEX and OPEX are included in these concept designs and used to determine benefits and profits with software by GASVESSEL partner cEnergy.

VTG is working closely together with the other GASVESSEL partners on the development of the gas loading and unloading systems and is expecting new results after the inclusion of the CAPEX and OPEX indicators into the software tools.

The 3rd General Assembly of the GASVESSEL Consortium

On Monday, 5th of November 2018 the partners of the GASVESSEL project met in Frankfurt, Germany for the 3rd General Assembly of the Consortium. During this meeting, the partners presented the progress and results they have achieved so far and discussed the best way to proceed with their research activities.



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