Compressed Natural Gas Transport System
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GASVESSEL Newsletter 2



This second newsletter contains news about the pressure cylinder pilot line, a special word from Navalprogetti, together with an interview with this project coordinator. Also, you get the chance to get to know the GASVESSEL consortium better.

Video: the GASVESSEL project explained

A word from the coordinator

Dear All,
Firstly, let me express gratitude to the European Commission that put faith in our Gasvessel Project and decided to provide it with the funds necessary to develop the proposed research tasks.Secondarily, but not of minor importance, I want to convey my appreciation to all the thirteen Partners of the Gasvessel Consortium that, since the proposal phase, have shown enthusiasm and goodwill for the success of the initiative…

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Set-up of the pressure cylinder pilot line

Based on technical specifications from CNGV and Navalprogetti, BM Plus is finalizing the procurement process of the mechanical and control components needed for the hydroforming mould. Studies for the electrical components specification and construction of the winding machine are in progress and the first stainless steel liner is on fabrication progress. BM Plus is going ahead with the studies and activities of the practical arrangement of the Pilot Line equipment and of the shop area among its premises, assisted by Navalprogetti and CNGV.


Interview: Loris Cok

The project’s coordinator is Loris Cok, director of Navalprogetti. In this interview, Loris gives his vision on why he started the project and what he expects from the project to happen.

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Meet the partners

The GASVESSEL consortium consists of thirteen partners, who all have their interesting personal reasons for joining this project.

Get to know the partners.

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The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 723030.