Compressed Natural Gas Transport System
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GASVESSEL partner Navalprogetti is developing a novel ship design, integrating the innovative pressure cylinders for a cost-effective waterborne gas transport. The next step in the design process of the CNG ship is to perform a Hazard Identification (HAZID) workshop for the ship itself and for the relevant gas containment and handling systems.

The HAZID workshop will take place on the premises of GASVESSEL Partner ESTECO in the Area Science Park of Trieste. Representatives of the following Partners are invited to attend:

  • CHC-Cyprus Hydrocarbon Company
  • ABS Advanced Solutions
  • ABS Hellenic
  • BMPlus
  • CNGV
  • HLL-Hanseatic Lloyd

In addition, Navalprogetti is arranging the attendance of a specialist with a very long experience in construction, management and operation of LNG ships.

In the course of the workshop, attendees shall identify the following:

  • Hazard
  • Relevant Operative Scenario
  • System/s affected
  • Event description
  • Causes
  • Proposed Mitigation Measures
  • Evaluation of the likelihood
  • Evaluation of the seriousness of consequences

The last two evaluations will be used to calculate and build up a classification of risks using a 4×4 risk matrix. As far as applicable to the GASVESSEL Project, the following hazard categories will be investigated:

4x4 risk matrix

During the workshop the brainstorming will be guided by ABS representatives based on the previous HAZID investigations performed to obtain the Approval in Principle (AIP) and the ABS Guidance Notes on RISK ASSESSMENT – APPLICATIONS FOR THE MARINE AND OFFSHORE OIL AND GAS INDUSTRIES – Latest edition.

The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 723030.