Compressed Natural Gas Transport System
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Latest news from experimental prototyping pilot line

Follow the illustrations and their descriptions to find out the most recent updates about the experimental prototyping pilot line of Gasvessel!

In the experimental prototyping pilot line three (3) already hydroformed liners are available to be completed as CNG Cylinders by wrapping up with carbon fiber and resins (below left). The first liner to be completed is fitted with string gauges to detect stresses and deformation during autofrettage and fatigue tests (below right):

To avoid waste of material and proceed securely ahead in the real operations with an optimum behavior, a full-scale carbon fiber strength-testing machine has been designed by partner CNGV and fabricated and made working by partner BM Plus:


In between the two large discs, using the winding machine, resin impregnated carbon fiber has been wrapped up with 70 revolutions creating a section of 40 x 30 mm (nelow left). Completed the curing, the so created carbon fiber section has been pulled to rupture using the four pistons visible on the top of the machine , see the Carbon fiber after rupture (below right):

Based on the strength results obtained, this test will be repeated other two times in the next days to find the correct ratio between fiber and resin, to tune up the correct level of impregnation acting on the winding speed, before winding on real liners.









The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 723030.