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VOLTA by ESTECO: Update on the Decision support tool

VOLTA by GASVESSEL partner ESTECO is a web-based collaboration environment that orchestrates simulated data and multi-disciplinary business processes, enabling conscious decision making and innovative product development. The Decision support tool developed in the VOLTA software is a flexible platform which can be used to calculate the CNG transportation tariff for any scenario, finding the fleet parameters (number and size of ships) that minimize the tariff. The platform is made available to Gasvessel partners and published as a web service by the VOLTA architecture developed at Esteco. This is the latest update on the tool, more information about VOLTA can be found in the project’s May 2018 newsletter article.


  • The platform has at this stage been finalized with the inputs from GASVESSEL partners Navalprogetti, Sintef, CHC, VTG, CNG-V and ABS , related to the costs of Midstream transportation, in particular the ship’s Capex and Opex, financial data (interest rate and mortgage period), and operational times for each scenario.
  • Under the lead of GASVESSEL partner CHC, eight transportation scenarios have been identified for the application of the Decision support tool: three in Mediterranean area, four in Barents Sea and one in Black Sea.. At this stage, the expected Midstream transportation tariff has been obtained for these scenarios.


  • The Upstream and Downstream tariffs, which also include facility and storage costs, will be computed in a second stage. These costs will be provided by the partners in charge- Sintef, CHC and VTG.

Thanks to the versatility of the methodology, the platform can be applied to any potential scenario of transportation, not only the ones defined during the GASVESSEL project. Any scenario can be included by specifying the scenario details (such as gas demand and distances between ports, see fig.1 below as reference), to receive information on the optimal fleet parameters and tariffs.

Figure 1. Web-based user interface in VOLTA –setup of input parameters

Figure 1. Web-based user interface in VOLTA –setup of input parameters

The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 723030.