Compressed Natural Gas Transport System
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GASVESSEL themed workshop

GASVESSEL workshop on the decision support tool VOLTA by ESTECO

9 October 2018

CEA conference, Vincenza, Italy

One of the steps toward a successful implementation of the GASVESSEL concept is the optimisation of gas delivery from identified sources to different markets. The optimization process is managed by ESTECO’s solution VOLTA, a web-based collaboration environment that orchestrates simulated data and multi-disciplinary business processes, enabling conscious decision making. VOLTA will provide GASVESSEL ship designers indications on the optimal ship size, speed and fleet size in order to reach the lowest transport costs possible. Supported by PNO, ESTECO will deliver a workshop in order to interact and exchange ideas with relevant stakeholders on core themes and to evaluate different pathways to further exploit one of the main innovations introduced by GASVESSEL.

The workshop will be led by ESTECO with the support of PNO during the 34th International CAE conference in the Vicenza Convention Centre @Vicenza Fiere (Italy) the 9th of October at 13h00 in the ESTECO exhibition stand. The registration to the CAE conference and the access to the workshop is available here.

The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 723030.